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Aurora Trout Fishing

The Aurora Trout is the rarest and the most beautiful trout in the world and only found in a couple of lakes in Ontario. Aurora Trout were thought to be extinct until the MNR netted a couple while doing a study of fish populations (headed by Ed Snucins) in Whitepine Lake and Whirlygig Lake. These lakes are permanent fish sanctuaries.

Aurora trout fishing at Appelo Lake Lodge in Northern OntarioThe World Record Aurora Trout was taken out of Carol Lake in 2002. The lake has been closed since then and stocking has continued every year. The lake will open August 1, 2008 - then close again for 3 years.

We can take two persons into this lake in the morning and the evening. No live bait is permitted, no motor on the lake and a "no catch and release" rule applies. Anglers can only have one (1) fish in their possession and must keep whatever they catch.

  • Directions: 8 miles with 4-wheel drive truck/quad
  • 2 mile boat ride up Meteor Lake
  • 500 yard portage up a hill to Carol Lake
  • The lake is a little difficult to get into, so a guide is required.


  • $150.00 for 1 person - ½ day
  • $100.00 per person for 2 persons - ½ day

You must have a Sports License to fish for Aurora Trout. People holding Conservation Licenses do not qualify to fish for Aurora Trout.

Please contact us for more information.

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